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Another Brainstorming Post

Technology I would like to have in my classroom:

  • Flip Video Camera
  • Webcam to Skype and stream with
  • mini laptops

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Brainstorm for Next Year

Principal said I will probably be using Angel with all of the Juniors:

  • practice tests
  • discussion board
  • paperless classroom or limited paper in classroom
  • links
  • wiki

Things that worked well this year:

Things that did not work:

  • Chemistry jumped around some
  • physics also jumped around
  • forensics: soil unit
  • standing at whiteboard giving lecture — definitely does not fit my style
  • cleaning system – not often enough, not organized enough

Things I did well this year:

  • relationships
  • showing my personal side (i.e. favorite music, hobbies, family, pets)
  • getting to know individual’s “things”
  • trust– this went a long way with most students
  • had fun — students knew I was having a great time, commented on this fact often
  • Continued to learn — went to lots of professional development days at ESU6, NETA, used Twitter for other teacher resources
  • Reflected on my teaching — right here, talked to other teachers, talked to students about what worked and did not

Things I need to fix before next year:

  • Freshman — too little structure at beginning of year?
  • Too lenient with some students –got taken advantage of towards end of year.
  • Less guidance of labs (inquiry model) led to more choas — need to find a balance
  • Sometimes held a grudge for a little too long.

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