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Favorites from The Schools Our Children Deserve” Alfie Kohn

  • A classroom is a place where a community of learners — as opposed to a collection of individuals — engages in discovery and invention, reflection and problem solving.

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Books in 2010

I was reading a blog the other day and the author said she read 37 books in 2009.  Then I started wondering how many I read, and realized I couldnt even remember a lot that I read the first half of the year!  This year, I will try to keep a record of the books that I read, and probably books that I want to read.

1.  Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy on January 3rd

  • I read this in one night — it was hilarious! I am five and a half months pregnant as of today (Jan.5), and could completely relate to Jenny’s experience in pregnancy.  There are so many things that you don’t feel comfortable talking with others about and wonder “Am I the only person this is happening to…..”  This book is an extremely quick read; it’s short with short chapters and keeps you wanting to turn pages as you go — I couldn’t (and didn’t) put it down!

2. I am currently reading Desperation by Stephen King.

So far: This has the scariest first chapter of any book I’ve ever read!


4. Alex Cross’s Trial

Good book: This book was different from what I’m used to. It’s about racial prejudice and discrimination in the south in the early 1900s.  The main character, a white lawyer trying to help the blacks,  gets hung during the book but survives.  Progress is made in the Mississippi town where the book is set, and it has a happy ending.

5. Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I LOVE the Showtime series Dexter.  This is the book the series was based off of.

6. Kiss Guide to Baby and Child Care (Keep It Simple Series)

7. The Naturalist – E.O. Wilson.   I am reading this for a grad class and it is really surprisingly good.  Ed Wilson is a self-proclaimed life-long naturalist.  The books discusses how he came to study ants and work as a professor and researcher at Harvard.

8. Microbe Hunters – Paul De Krief.  Also a book for a grad class and also surprisingly good to read! I recommend reading this if you are interested in science at all.  I plan to try to incorporate into class somehow..even if just for extra credit opportunities.

9. The Double Helix – James Watson.  Book for a grad class, however I am finding it very boring and am having a hard time paying attention while reading it.  If you are interested in DNA at all, you may enjoy it though.

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