Teaching Via Long Term Sub

I am officially done with going to school to teach this academic year.  I am due to have a baby in 8 days.  Five days ago my doctor recommended that I stay off of my feet and not go to work any more before the baby is born, due to high blood pressure.  Thus, Friday 4-16 was my last day!  Since Friday morning I feel like I have been scrambling around to prepare for classes that sub can teach.  My long term sub is a very nice lady, and very good with kids.  She has been a paraeducator in our elementary school for several years.  This December she received her elementary teaching degree. The only drawback: she knows nothing about science and I teach physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy to 9-12th graders!

Google Docs has been a life saver for me so far! I have been able to create lots of notes,assignments, and tests and have them immediately show up in a location where my sub can find them.  I loved Google docs before, but I don’t know what I would do without it now!

I will update later how things continue to go (today is only day 2), but I have planned a lot of things to be completed via Ning and Wikispaces.  I anticipate that each of these websites will help me to stay connected to my classes even while at home! So glad to have access to technology!


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