Edublogs Teacher Challenge 2011!

I joined!  The first challenge is to set up a blog complete with theme, title, and url.  I have had step one completed for about 2 years now.  Step two of this challenge  is to read and comment on other blogs, starting with the Teacher Challenge blog.   The third part of this challenge is to write a post answering a few basic questions about why I joined the Challenge.

I decided to join the challenge in early December to help me get back on track blogging and using Twitter for professional resources.  From 2008-2010 I participated in a group through our educational service unit known as “TIG“, Technology Integration Group.  Close to once a month we met to gather ideas for integrating technology into our classrooms and then share them throughout our schools.  It was great. It gave me an opportunity to play around with new ideas and talk with some great techies out there.  I was regularly logged into twitter and gaining so many resources every day.  This year, however, my run with TIG is over and I am feeling less and less connected to the web and web tools.  I am hoping that blogging regularly will help me to stay encouraged to read other blogs and stay updated to new things out there for my classes.

I am also hoping to overcome some previous challenges I have encountered with my blog.  These include coming up with original ideas, writing in an entertaining fashion, posting regularly, developing followers (so far I have 0!), and many more I am not thinking of at the moment.


Happy New Year!



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  2. Lyn said

    It is good to be doing something in a group with others. It helps give the motivation to keep going. I think this Teacher Challenge is a great way to begin the year. Jump in and keep swimming! Good luck with your blogging.

  3. Hi Mick , I also have 0 followers but what the hell. This is one interesting teacher prof dev activity.

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